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Find Funding

Once you've established that your research idea or proposal is worthy of grant funding, one of the next obvious questions is: "From where will I obtain funding?" Funding sponsors come in all sizes, shapes, and colors; and funding is found in government ministries, foreign governments, private foundations, trusts, family foundations, commercial organizations, and corporations to name a few sources.  Navigating literally thousands of potential funding sources is a formidable and daunting task for any researcher – new or seasoned.

Here's where the Pre-Award Team gets involved. Using our vast array of databases that track funding sources worldwide, we'll conduct searches and locate partners in order to help you obtain grant funding. And whether you're applying for grant money in , €, £, $, or any other currency, we'll work to help ensure that you will be able to apply to the most appropriate funding source for your proposed project. 

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Last updated on 18/2/15