Pre-Award Proposal Services

Pre-Award Proposal Services

The Pre-Award Proposal Services team invests enormous human and technological resources in helping you to obtain grant funding. Our services begin with your proposal idea, and end when we submit the proposal to the funding sponsor. We make every effort to work with you as if you are our only client.

We invite every new researcher to set up a meeting with us. In the meeting we will get the chance to know you and your research field, and accordingly, to locate the most appropriate funding opportunities for you. And, if you are a seasoned researcher, we also are ready to help you with any issue involving your proposal development and submission.

Working with the Pre-Award team, you will benefit from our:

  • Searches for funding opportunities and research partners, customized to your research areas of expertise
  • E-mails describing grant opportunities from Israel and abroad, targeted to your specific research areas.
  • Use of external proposal consultants, especially for multi-country consortium projects, such as the EU’s Horizon 2020 R&D program.
  • Workshops in proposal development, writing, and budget preparation.
  • Quality assurance to help ensure that your proposal meets the requirements of the funding sponsor.
  • Liaison services with other internal university departments and external funding sponsors.

Funding Schemes

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