Our FINANCIAL SERVICES team provides you with sound and prudent financial management of your grant award. During the performance of your project, our FINANCIAL SERVICES Team will review project costs, salaries paid, and time expended.

All of the services we provide are designed to maintain the highest degree of accountability and transparency in how your research funds are spent.

The creation of your award account in the BarNet financial system.

  • Budget projections and reporting to help you plan and monitor grant spending.
  • Oversight of all project spending and activities including budget revisions, cost transfers, and no-cost extensions to comply with university and funding sponsor policies.
  • Assistance in closing your award.
  • The preparation of periodic and final financial reporting.
  • The coordination of billing for your project’s budget items.

In addition, the FINANCIAL SERVICES team prepares audits, and coordinates auditing services with funding sponsors and university auditors. The PAF team also serves as a liaison with other central university business and academic offices.

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