Compliance Issues

Compliance Issues

Bar-Ilan is dedicated to conducting the highest levels of responsible and ethical research. Our compliance policies and procedures are designed to reflect our core values, and our adherence to legal and regulatory statutes.

Compliance issues that impact Bar-Ilan research include:

Financial Conflicts of Interest – BIU researchers are required to declare in writing that their research has no conflict of interest with any other funding sponsor, agency, or other.

Human Research Subjects

BIU considers itself responsible for protecting the rights and well-being of every person who participates in research conducted under the auspices of the university. The Committee for the Approval of Research Involving the Participation of Human Subjects (IRB) is charged with fulfilling this responsibility; and requests for the use of human research subjects must be submitted to this committee for the approval of research. The requirement to submit such a request is designed, among other things, to heighten awareness among researchers to the ethical and legal obligations that they take upon themselves when planning research involving the participation of human subjects. IRB members are appointed by the Rector and comprise seven academic faculty and administrative officers; one member is to be a community representative.

Use of Animals

BIU has developed policies governing the use of animals in research. These policies & procedures help ensure that the animals are provided humane care and treatment. BIU complies with those elements of research, testing, or teaching procedures that involve the care and use of animals, as relevant to the US Public Law Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, as amended from time to time, and other enactments.

Environmental Health and Safety

Bar-Ilan’s environmental, health and safety policy addresses sustainability, ecosystem health, and worker health and safety.

Procedures for Conducting Research Involving Infectious Diseases


Bar-Ilan’s biosafety guidelines were developed to provide safe environments for individuals  who work with poptentially hazardous biological materials in laboratory settings. The primary goal of these guidelines is to reduce or eliminate exposure to these materials by means of implementing safe methods for managing and containing them.

Recombinant DNA

Bar-Ilan’s Recombinant DNA policy is designed to help ensure the health and safety of our laboratory workers, minimize risk to the public at-large, and help ensure that information obtained from such research does not become a tool of war or terrorism.

Research Misconduct

Bar-Ilan University (BIU) is committed to uphold and maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity in its research and scientific activities. Likewise, BIU is committed to implement the policies and procedures established here to prevent scientific misconduct, and to pursue allegations of  misconduct. These policy and procedures apply to all persons at BIU engaged in research that is  supported by but not limited to the US Public Health Service. Scientific misconduct includes the fabrication or falsification of data, theft of ideas or direct plagiarism, and interference with the integrity of  the work of others. Scientific misconduct may lead to a variety of disciplinary actions, such as dismissal from the university or termination of employment.



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