Department of Geography and Environment

  • Prof. Irit Amit-cohen
  • Prof. Steve Brenner
  • Dr. Nir Cohen
  • Dr. Shlomit Flint
  • Dr. Yonatan Ganot
  • Prof. Yair Goldreich
  • Dr. Tom Goren
  • Prof. David Grossman
  • Prof. Yossi Katz
  • Prof. Hanoch Lavee
  • Prof. Itamar Lensky
  • Prof. Sarah Pariente
  • Prof. Joel Roskin
  • Dr. Orit Clara Rotem
  • Prof. Michael Sofer
  • Prof. Michael Sonis
  • Dr. Anat Tchetchik
  • Prof. Yishai Weinstein
  • Dr. Helena Zhevelev

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