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  • BIU Researchers Make the Top 50 – in 2017

    2 BIU Researchers listed among the 50 most influential women in Israel for 2017: Globes Magazine

    Globes magazine published recently its list of the 50 most influential women in Israel for 2017. and, two Bar-Ilan researchers are rated among the 50. The two researchers are:

    • Prof. Hamutal Slovin, Associate Professor, The Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center
    • Dr. Adi Salomon, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

    Prof. Slovin has built an artificial vision platform that allows blind people, who became blind after birth, to visually identify objects and symbols. This remarkable invention enables blind people to visualize images by deciphering how the brain processes an image.


    Dr. Salomon has discovered a brand new ultra-light featherweight metal-like material. This multipurpose material can be used to produce fuels and light batteries for the automotive industry, and to develop biological detectors for the medical world.