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In this section, you can review and/or register for upcoming conferences, workshops, & seminars. This cover page contains a summary of these upcoming events, many of which will be held at BIU's Ramat Gan campus.

Please note that the seminar will take place here at Bar-Ilan on Monday, 19 September. Please register by return mail no later than Tuesday, 13 Sept.

Prof. Linda Hyman, Director of the NSF Division of MCB, will conduct a seminar at Bar-Ilan on Monday, 19 Sept. Prof. Hyman will discuss the MCB program, & she will address the issue of how to increase the success rate of joint NSF-Israel proposals. (In the most recent funding cycle, the NSF-Israel success rate was low.) Prof. Hyman will also set aside time to meet individually with BIU researchers.

Seminar: Beck Auditorium, 14:00 to 15:30

Individual Meetings: Research Authority, 15:40 to 17:00

Mon, 19/09/2016 -
14:00 to 17:00

Alma Consulting Group, a highly successful company that specializes in assisting Research Centres in identifying, setting-up, and managing European research projects, is coming to BIU on Monday, 19th October to talk about their services.

ALMA H2020 Info Session:

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Venue: Beck Hall

There will an opportunity to schedule an individual meeting for after the session for those researchers with a concrete project idea.

Please can you confirm your participation by clicking here.

About ALMA:

  • >15 years of experience in this field
  • 40 Consultants dedicated to proposal preparation and management
  • Since 2007, Alma CG has submitted more than 300 project proposals (2007-2013), out of which 150 projects were selected for funding,with an average success rate of 50%.
  • Expertise in all major scientific areas:
    •    Health
    •    Biotechnology, Food and Agriculture industry
    •    Nanotechnologies, Materials and industrial Processes
    •    Information and Communication Technologies
    •    Transport (train, automobile, sea) and aeronautics
    •    Energy, Environment, Sustainable development
    •    Security and Space
    •    Social Sciences and Humanities  
Mon, 19/10/2015 -
09:00 to 11:00

Guest Speaker: Lorenzo Constantino, IDP European Consultants

The program will include:

ERC Grants

  • ERC Starting Grants
  • ERC Consolidator Grants
  • ERC Advanced Grants
  • ERC Proof of Concept Grant

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships
  • Innovative Training Networks (ITN)
  • Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

Lorenzo Constantino is an evaluator and technical expert of EU Programmes including Horizon2020, and has vast experience in developing calls for proposals, and training for European Union funding, financing and project management.

Tue, 05/05/2015 -
13:00 to 16:00

The Research Authority organized a session about collaborative BSF-NSF research focusing on a new Materials Science program on Tuesday 23 June 2015. In addition, the session featured a presentation about other joint programs in the social & neural sciences.

Guest Speaker: Prof. Zeev Rosenzweig.

Prof. Rosenzweig is formerly the director of the international program of the chemistry division of the NSF, & also currently BSF's representative in Washington, DC for BSF affairs. Prof. Rosenzweig described the new program, explained the differences between submission to the NSF and to the ISF or BSF, and pointed out possibly pitfalls in the NSF applications. Prof. Rosenzweig answered questions regarding both the BSF-NSF materials program, & BSF-NSF opportunities.

Tue, 23/06/2015 -
14:30 to 16:30