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School of Communication

Department Chairman Prof. Cohen Asher

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The School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University,  led by Prof. Eytan Gilboa, a world renowned scholar in international communications and an expert on US-Israel relations, is one of the few academic institutions in the world to offer research and training in international communications and Public Diplomacy. It aims to empower Israel's future generation with the knowledge and skills necessary for advocating Israel's cause across the globe.

BIU’s School of Communication offers individuals BA, MA and PHD programs. As a part of the BA program, students are offered the opportunity to immerse in workshops on how to effectively convey messages and build a positive public image for themselves and for Israel. The workshops, offered in areas relating to New Media, Advertising, Public Relations and Broadcast Media are instructed by individuals considered communication professionals in their fields.  

Even more, Bar Ilan's media facilities include television studios, state-of-the-art multimedia labs, a radio station, Radio Bar-Ilan 106FM which broadcasts in Israel, and an international internet based station offering student based programming around the world.

The School of Communication strives to house unique research units for media studies with the first one being the Center for Media and Law. The Center for Media and Religion is currently under construction and future projects include the Center for New-Media, the Israeli Media Research Center and the Center for National Security.

In addition to this, the School established the Center for International Communication (CIC) which aims to raise awareness within Israel's decision-making circles and promote the growing importance of public diplomacy to Israel’s national interests. The program offers practical solutions and strategies for facing Israel's media challenges. The CIC has gained substantial international recognition and support with leading expert figures and academic institutions throughout the world.

As a part of the BA, the School of Communication offers 2 unique English programs for overseas students, a undergraduate program and a graduate program in the field of International Communication.


Name Academic Rank
Bloch-Elkan Yael
Senior Lecturer
Bogoch Bryna
Work phone: 03.531.8145
Fax: 03.535.3329
Associate Professor
Cohen Asher
Work phone: 03.531.8957
Fax: 03.535.3307
Associate Professor
Gilboa Eytan
Work phone: 03.531.7174
Fax: 03.736.1338
Professor Emeritus
Haleva-Amir Sharon
Ilan Jonathan
Laserson Aliza
Work phone: 03.531.7114
Fax: 03.535.3319
Lavie Aliza
Work phone: 03.5317058
Senior Lecturer
Magen Elek Clila
Shpiro Shlomo
Work phone: 03.531.7833
Fax: 03.535.3307
Associate Professor
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