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Interdepartmental Division of Jewish Studies

Department Chairman Dr. Rodov Ilia

Office of department Chairman





The Department offers the student the option of taking courses in three faculty departments as minors. Graduates of the Department are able to teach these subjects later on in high school, or continue studying for a more advanced degree in one of their minor subjects after taking supplementary courses. The Department also offers courses relating to various aspects of Sephardic and Oriental Jewry. The Department of Jewish Art seeks to provide its students with an understanding and appreciation of a variety of types of Jewish art, and to train them to teach and engage in research in this field.



Name Academic Rank
Rajner Mirjam
Work phone: 03.531.8413
Fax: 03.535.1233
Senior Lecturer
Rodov Ilia
Work phone: 03.531.8413
Fax: 03.635.9241
Senior Lecturer
Yaniv Bracha
Work phone: 03-5318413
Professor Emerita
Zohar Zvi
Work phone: 03.531.7086
Fax: 03.7384044
Professor Emeritus
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