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Faculty of Jewish Studies

Prof. Elie Assis

Office of department Chairman






The Faculty of Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University is the largest faculty of its kind in the academic world. It groups together approximately 300 faculty members, 14 academic departments, 21 research centers, and 28 endowed chairs. Two thousand students study for the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees, and 1500 students are studying for the B.A. degree, with a minor field of study in one of the departments in the faculty. Sixteen thousand students from all other fields study Jewish Studies with teachers from the Faculty of Jewish Studies in Basic Jewish Studies courses run by the Center for Basic Jewish Studies. The Central Jewish Studies library as well as departmental libraries, the Multimedia Center, a computer-enabled classroom and a Language Lab all support the teaching and research missions of the faculty. The faculty publishes several journals, one of which is electronic.