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Faculty of Engineering

Department Chairman Prof. Zehavi Ephi

Office of department Chairman





Bar Ilan's Faculty of Engineering strives to be a dynamic, forward looking institution, and a leader in High Tech R&D. The Faculty of Engineering is led in this effort by a young and dynamic research faculty.

The Faculty of Engineering supports a variety of interdisciplinary research programs, many of which include collaborations with some of the world's leading research centers.

The Faculty of Engineering offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in the two broad areas:

a) Electrical engineering, which includes tracks in electro-optics, microelectronics, signal processing, communications, and bioengineering.

b) Computer engineering, which includes tracks in advanced logic design, VLSI design, computer architecture, computer communications, and robotics.


Name Academic Rank
Rawitz Dror
Work phone: 03-7384618
Senior Lecturer
Shefi Orit
Work phone: 03.5317079
Associate Professor
Shor Joseph
Work phone: 03-5317026
Associate Professor
Somekh Baruch Anelia
Work phone: 03.5317594
Senior Lecturer
Teman Adam
Work phone: 03-7384476
Senior Lecturer
Weber Ofir
Work phone: 03.7384658
Senior Lecturer
Weiss Aryeh
Work phone: 03.5317638
Fax: 03.5340697
Associate Professor
Wimer Shmuel
Work phone: 03.5317208
Associate Professor
Yaari Gur
Work phone: 03-5314625
Senior Lecturer
Zadok Avi
Work phone: 03.5318882
Associate Professor
Zaidel Benjamin
Work phone: 03-5317339
Senior Lecturer
Zalevsky Ze`ev
Work phone: 03.5317055
Fax: 03.534.0697
Zehavi Ephi
Work phone: 03.5317056
Fax: 03.5340697


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