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English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Department Chairman Dr. Goldfrad Keren

Office of department Chairman





The English as a Foreign Language Unit offers programs at all academic levels. The main purpose of the EFL programs is to equip university students with sufficient knowledge of the English language so that they can successfully cope with academic texts in English. The primary focus of the Undergraduate Courses is on reading skills and strategies which enable students to comprehend conceptually abstract and linguistically complex authentic academic texts.
The aim of the M.A. Graduate Program and the Ph.D. Graduate Program is to provide instruction in the reading of professional materials in the fields of students' specialization as well as in the basic elements and skills of cohesive writing in order to enable students to write well-organized paragraphs of analysis and argument.
In addition, the EFL unit offers a number of courses for students from several government and commercial bodies.



Name Academic Rank
Elisha-Primo Iris
Work phone: 03.5318860
Ferenz Orna
Work phone: 03.531.8237
Fax: 03.535.4062
Goldfrad Keren
Work phone: 03.5317573
Senior Teacher
Koren Shira
Work phone: 03.5317446
Fax: 03.5796092
Senior Teacher
Levene-Nachshon Chana (Chani)
Work phone: 03.5317596
Sandler Simone
Work phone: 03-531-7559 / 8237
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