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Department of Jewish History

Department Chairman Prof. Caplan Kimmy

Office of department Chairman


972-3-5318353, 972-3-5346467




The study of Jewish History is one of the foundation stones of the national identity of the Jewish People as a group, and of the personal identity of the individual member of that nation. The academic research of Jewish history has always been a key part of Judaic Studies. The Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel also begins with a survey of the past: "The Jewish People arose in the Land of Israel...". And thus the founders of Bar-Ilan university, dedicated to blending academic excellence with Jewish identity, considered Jewish History to be one of the major fields of study in the new university.  The Department of Jewish History was founded together with Bar-Ilan University itself in 1955. Since that time the department has expanded both in the number of students and faculty and in the different fields that its researchers study.


Name Academic Rank
Rosman Moshe
Work phone: 03.531.7339
Fax: 02.6726018
Professor Emeritus
Schremer Adiel
Work phone: 02.567.5427
Fax: 02.567.5401
Schwarzfuchs Simon
Work phone: 03.531.8675
Fax: 03.534.6467
Professor Emeritus
Toaff Ariel
Work phone: 03.531.8677
Fax: 03.534.6467
Professor Emeritus


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