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A Word from the Vice President for Research

An invitation from the Vice President for Research

The Research Authority website offers a glimpse into the far-reaching spectrum of research activity undertaken by the scholars and scientists of Bar-Ilan University. In addition, this website reflects both the diverse interests of these faculty members, and the demographic diversity of the academic community itself.  Senior and junior academics, new immigrants and native Israelis, returning scientists and local-bred ones - all these have, in their confluence, contributed to the remarkable scientific output of Bar-Ilan University.

This website also points to the monumental shift that has been taking place in BIU’s academic composition, particularly as it has reflected significantly on the quality and quantity of research being produced here. With the recent addition of the faculties of Engineering and Medicine, together with the faculties of the Exact and Life Sciences, we are witnesses today to a significant ongoing increase in external research funding.

The website is also a platform  to reveal the BIU research “DNA” to potential collaborations with scientists and scholars from other universities both in Israel and abroad. These collaborations are indeed a targeted effort to significantly expand our global academic outreach, and increase the number of research proposals submissions to major funding agencies. Furthermore, these collaborations advance our efforts to create new dynamic partnerships with colleagues and institutions worldwide.

I invite you to review our site with these goals in mind, and join with us as we strive to reach new horizons in research.

Prof. Arie Zaban

Vice President for Research

Last updated on 14/6/16