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Acombinatorial solar cell liibrary 


Thin films heterojunction solar cells


Quantum dot sensitized solar cells


QD antenna in Dye sensitized solar cells

Prof. Zaban's Lab


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Renewable Energy and Materials Science

Prof. Arie Zaban, is a full Professor in   the Chemistry  and the former   Director of Bar-Ilan’s Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) and  its Nano Energy Center. 

Major areas of interest

Renewable  energy including conversion (PV), storage (batteries) and management.
(smart grid).

All Oxide PV: The development of a new PV family via combinatorial material science. New  metal oxide materials, structures and  concepts that overcome the limiting properties of the known oxides are used to enable efficient, low cost, durable solar quantum conversion.

Third generation solar cells: new approaches to light harvesting and utilization in photovoltaic systems mainly aimed at efficient utilization of the solar spectrum: light harvesting antennas, spectral splitting and  decoupling the light path from the electronic path.

Metal-Air electrochemical power sources: anode and cathode  materials (catalysts, membrains, metals,) for high energy density metal air batteries with emphasis on aluminum-air and Li-air systems.

Quantum-Dot Sensitized Solar Cells (QDSSCs): Design, synthesis,  characterization and application of QD based solar cells. Basic understanding  of the unique mechanisms of these photo-electrochemical systems.

Perovskite Sensitized Solar Cells (PSSC): Design, synthesis  and characterization of high efficiency hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites solr cells. Fundamental study of the basic cell mechamisms.

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs): New (nano)materials and fabrication methods. Basic understanding of the photophysical processes involved in this solar cell family including charge separation, charge accumulation, transport in the nanoporous matrix and recombination mechanisms.

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