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Prof. Bross's Lab

Prof. Bross's Lab



Tel: 972-3-531-7023
Fax: 972-3-738-4051

Communications and Information Theory

Prof. Shraga Bross, of the Faculty of Engineering, conducts research in the field of statistical communication and information theory. 

Prof. Bross’ work focuses on the study of the performance of various communication systems based on the statistical modeling of these systems. Specifically, the performance studies are aimed at obtaining analytic bounds on the system's performance limits as well as gaining insight on how to approach these fundamental limits. These theoretical studies influence the design of practical communication systems starting from the physical layer up to and including the higher protocol layers.

Prof. Bross' interest focuses on the following topics:

* Optical multi-terminal systems – e.g. multiple-access and broadcast Poisson channel.

* The role of feedback in multi-terminal communication -- e.g. multiple-access channel and relay channel.

* The role of transmitters and/or receivers cooperation in multi-terminal communication – e.g. multiple-access channel, interference-channel and broadcast channel.

* Joint source-channel coding for multi-terminal systems.

Last updated on 14/3/16