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Head of Research Authority

Dr. Eli Even

For more than half a decade Dr. Eli Even has been leading Bar-Ilan University’s Research Authorization team. In addition, he is a member in the committee which sets the European Union’s Research and Development policies. Dr. Even is the first and only Israeli in this committee which is responsible for about a third of the budget allowance in the EU’s R&D program, Horizon 2020. It is noteworthy that Dr. Even was handpicked to serve in the committee, based on his expertise and his experience in Venture Capital  investments and in managing research studies. He serves key roles in the committee including; Chair of Technology Transfer and expert in the EU’s Risk Investment counselling group. In these roles Dr. Even contributes to deepening and widening the scientific bonds between the EU and the Israeli academy.

Alongside these roles, Dr. Eli Even is an executive consultant to VCs and other investment companies, as he is well regarded businessman with expertise in research and development in green technology, chemistry, materials, and nanotechnology. Previously, Eli Even was an Investment Manager at Millennium Materials Technology Fund, the only Israeli venture capital investment vehicle focused primarily on investments in new materials. During his employment at Millennium, the company managed funds totalling 52 million dollars with investment portfolio of 17 ripe companies. These companies focused on many different applications of new materials. A number of the investments that Dr. Even identified and developed are part of the most successful companies today. Moreover, he established Terra Venture Partners, VC Investment company in the field of green technology. His expertise in the local market for renewable energy source and of water and environment technologies is leaning on successful implementation.Dr. Eli Even is a member of the Israel National Committee for International Research & Development Relations, Israel Ministry of Science & Technology.


Since earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he has been working for over 20 years in new material investments and green technology.

Today Dr. Even works as Senior Lecturer at Bar-Ilan’s school of Business Management in the field of entrepreneurship and risk investment.

Last updated on 2/10/17