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Head of Research Authority

Dr. Eli Even

Dr. Eli Even is the Head of the Research Authority at Bar-Ilan University. He has over 15 years’ experience investing in advanced materials and Cleantech space.Dr. Even obtained his PhD in Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Dr. Even co-founded Terra Venture Partners, an Israeli cleantech VC. Dr. Even developed his expertise in the local market of renewable energy, and water and environmental technologies. Dr. Even also served as the investment manager at the Millennium Materials Technology Fund (MMTF), the only Israeli venture capital investment vehicle focused primarily on investments in new materials. During Dr. Even's tenure at MMTF, the fund had $52 million under management, and held a portfolio of 17 mature companies. These companies focused on advanced materials, with applications varying from batteries to life science and semiconductors. Several investments identified and nurtured by Dr. Even are among the most promising companies in their respective sectors. Dr. Even also served as the Scientific Director of ATI Water and Environmental Technology incubator, as a representative of Dow Chemicals.

This vast experience in these fields makes Dr. Even one of the top consultants for VCs and other investment vehicles interested in cleantech, chemistry and materials, and nanotechnology.

More recently Dr. Even has become an Advisory Group Expert Risk Finance at the European Commission. He has a role as team leader for the technology transfer group within this committee.

Last updated on 19/7/15